Causal Agent: 

Begomovirus (Tomato leaf curl virus or ToLCV)

Characteristic Symptoms:
Tomato plants severely affected by the disease are usually stunted and are unproductive.
Symptoms on the leaves include interveinal yellowing, upward and downward curling and crinkling.
Leaflets are also smaller than those of healthy plants.
Symptom expression may vary depending on the crop stage at the time of infection, variety and whitefly population. Plants affected at young stage are stunted and apical leaves proliferate.
Crops Affected
Management and Control:
Use resistant/tolerant varieties (e.g. hybrid tomato, Diamante Max).
Remove infected plants as early as symptoms are observed to prevent/minimize spread.
Remove weeds that serve as alternate hosts.
Avoid over watering or excessive moisture.
Control/minimize whitefly population by using plastic mulch, insect traps and/or use of insecticides such as imidacloprid (e.g. Confidor, Admire, Provado Supra) azadirachtin (neem) and cartap hydrochloride (e.g. Padan, Dimo, Vegetox), 

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