Causal Agent: 

Tobacco mosaic virus (TMV); Tomato mosaic virus (ToMV)

Characteristic symptoms
Affects all growth stages of the plant.
Symptoms include mosaic on leaves with distortion of younger leaves and narrowing of leaf tips, necrosis and distortion of severely affected leaves, defoliation and stunting.
Occasionally, wilting of stems and leaves and necrosis on fruits
Crops Affected
Tomato, Pepper
Management and Control:
Use virus-free seeds or seedlings.
Remove infected plants as early as symptoms are observed to prevent/ minimize spread.
Dip hands in skim milk while handling plants in the field.
Disinfect tools/equipment with 10% chlorox before moving from diseased areas to healthy areas.
Remove weeds that may serve as alternate hosts.
Avoid smoking in the field.

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