Causal Agent: 

Fungi (Rhizopus sp.)

Characteristic Symptoms:
Fruit rot starts as water-soaked lesion in any part of the fruit at any stage of maturity.
Later, the lesion becomes covered by a web-like mycelia and sporangia of the fungus.
The entire fruit maybe covered with the fungus few days after.
Conditions for Disease Development:
Rhizopus spp. is known to be omnipresent in the air.
Primary hosts are cucurbits and eggplant.
Infection on fruits usually starts on wounds and bruises.
Temperature at 20 to 30°C favors disease development.
Management and Control:
Prevent unnecessary wounding of the fruits.
Control insects.
Remove infected fruits and dispose properly by burying.
Apply copper-based fungicides, mancozeb or chlorothalonil

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