Common Species:
Leucinodes orbonalis (Guenne, 1854)
Common name:
Brinjal fruit and shoot borer
Damaging stage:
Crops Affected:
Characteristic Damage:
Attacks flowers, flower buds, young shoot tips, stems and fruits.
Larval feeding causes wilting of shoots and fruit rotting.
Infested fruits have small holes surrounded with brownish areas on fruit surface.
Affected plants are weakened reducing the quality and quantity of the fruits produced.
Management and Control:
Monitor the area regularly.
Remove damaged and infested shoots and fruits and dispose properly.
Use of attractant or pheromone lure to suppress male population.
Cultivate the soil by plowing and harrowing and use plastic mulch to minimize pupation        
  in the soil.
Apply insecticides like diafenthiuron, cartap hydrochloride, acephate, spinosad, when necessary.


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