Causal Agent: 

Cucumovirus Cucumber mosaic virus (CMV)

Characteristic Symptoms:
Symptoms may vary depending on the virus strain, variety plant age at infection.
Symptoms on young leaves are small green-yellow spots, which is initially slightly transparent and progresses into yellow mosaic with distorted leaf blade, reduced leaf size, shoe-stringing and stunted plants.
In some varieties, ring spots can be observed on the lower leaves and fruits are wrinkled or may show necrotic marks.
Crops Affected
Solanaceous (tomato, pepper)
Management and Control:
Use resistant/tolerant varieties, if available.
Remove infected plants as early as symptoms are observed to prevent/minimize spread.
Remove weeds that may serve as alternate hosts.
Control/minimize aphid population by using plastic mulch, insect traps and/or use of insecticides such as azadirachtin (neem), cartap hydrochloride (e.g.  PadanⓇ, Barena 50 SP, Gemtrak®), acetamiprid (e.g. MospilanⓇ), acephate (e.g. AcetamⓇ, CompeteⓇ), chlorphenapyr (e.g. Kotetsu) or penthoate (e.g. PennantⓇ, VidexⓇ).

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